Bang Cheol Yong (방철용)
03. 10. 91

Goofball by day. Batman by night.

*RP Account. Calm 'yo self.

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This was a good life.

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Jul 31st
jiy-eon: Okay, well, tell me a day when you're free.

Yeah.. I’ll get back to you.

Jul 31st
jiy-eon: Not today! Tomorrow! We'll go early in the morning and spend the entire day!

I hate to say it, but I have to pass. I have a recording session with a new client I have to go to tomorrow.

Jul 31st
jiy-eon: It doesn't matter because it's a perfect idea! Do you want me to invite Joon too? ♡


How about, you and Joon just go together, and tell me how it was? You see, I just ate a hefty meal; a feast, in fact. It wouldn’t be appropriate to go on rollercoaster rides, under the consideration of that.

Jul 31st
jiy-eon: You need to breathe fresh air! We're going to Lotte World, okay!

I don’t really think that’s a good idea.

Jul 31st
jiy-eon: What do you mean you're too lazy to reply? = v =


Jul 20th

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@ mireu


……………….. wow, that was low ok. B/ 

got you right in the esophagus, didn’t i. B( 

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mireu mofo and soojung


BECAUSE YOU. AND HARA. AND JIYEON. AND JOON. YOU’RE ALL STUPID AND I MISS YOU AND YOU JUST DISAPPEAR ansdlkfjsafdkljsadkjsdakfkd jdkd (\gives you banana milk) B|

SHHH. WE PLANNED ‘DIS. WE WERE THE MARAUDERS OF JAMSIN, YO. lolno. not at all. BUT, IT’S NOT MY FAULT. I graduated Jamsin and got a job as a composer for Star Entertainment. I’m doing more with my life, ya’know. It’s a good thing. (/smiles and takes the milk) My milk.

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